As a medical professional you may purchase the supplements directly from CHK to sell in your office. If you chose not to do that your patients may order them online from and they will be shipped directly to the patient. How does this work?

1. Medical Professional must provide a note that the Patient is able to buy the amino acids. This may be faxed to Dr. Vitamins at 513-847-1017 or emailed to

2. Patients must register on under Patient Access. Once the information has been received, please allow 2 business days to be approved onto the patient site. We must receive the Medical Professional’s note before we will admit them to the site.

3. After the patient has been “Approved” on the website, the “Patient Only” products will appear. The Neurotransmitter program products will be located under the Neurotransmitter tab.

Most orders ship within 3 business days of placement. Physician Line Supplements and Non-Physician Line Supplements can be purchased in the same order. Shipping is free for any order over $100.