As a medical professional you may purchase the supplements directly from us to sell in your office. If you chose not to do that your patients may order them online from and they will be shipped directly to the patient. How does this work?

1. Please contact our office and request your Physician Code , 513-563-4321 ext. 6 or you may email your order to You will give this code to your patients.

2. Patients will register at website under Patient Access. They will enter the code you have given them under Physician Code. They will not be approved for access to these supplements without that code.

3. After the patient has been “Approved” on the website, the “Neurotransmitter” products will appear. To find the Neurotransmitter program products go to Shop by Brand and CHK.

4. Most orders ship within 3 business days of placement. Physician Line Supplements and Non-Physician Line Supplements can be purchased in the same order.


To purchase supplements for your office you may either call 513-563-4321 ext. 6 or you may email your order to